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WF-4 Impeller question

i have been having a hard time finding a impeller for my WF-4, my question is outside of the one guy on ebay that i found is there anyone else who makes them or is this person the only one who dose? and if so is the part good?
or is there a alternate part that could be made to fit? i tried to get a 382221 OMC impeller but no one here localy stocks them and i wanted to see it in person before i bought it as i wanted to be sure it could fit? is there perhaps a more modern Merc impeller that could be made to work for it,

thank you

Ryan M

Re: WF-4 Impeller question

I believe you can get them from Rich C, aka Big Rich, his email is

Re: WF-4 Impeller question

hey thanks ill email him here, i just got told by the local merc dealer that John Macintosh still sells parts so i talked to him and he thinks he might have one how ever, ill pop him a email just in case.

Re: WF-4 Impeller question

Try the flying Scott guy.

He does good work. You want the "Merc KG" impeller for your WF-4. He will want the old core to make new ones.

Re: WF-4 Impeller question

hey thanks i think i might have him make me a spare as i did end up making one from the OMC one, just wanted to get this engine going before i pored to much money into it, but so far it runs good just needs a darn tune or a carb cleaning.