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Re: 1950 2HP Wizard Outboard Serial Number "5"

NICE for you to have #5, regards collectability it is in the eyes of the beholder or someone who is really lusting over a Wizard 2 H.P.. I use this saying, "That fact & 50 cents will get you a 50 cent candy bar"!!!. Believe me, been there done that many times & I am just being realistic. ENJOY your motor, restore it, run it & cherish it & therein lies YOUR pleasure.

Re: 1950 2HP Wizard Outboard Serial Number "5"

As far as I know Wizard never offered a 2hp motor. The 1940 WA2 was a 2.5hp motor and later single cylinder ones were 3hp and later yet 3.6hp.
Do you have a model number to help nail down the age and size?
Serial# 00005 is pretty cool regardless.
Here is a page to help you determine your motor age and size from the model number.