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Found old Wizard Motor Cover...How to identify?

Newbie here with a few questions. I was working on clearing some treees on my property last night and came across a very old looking outboard motor cover. It is in remarkably good condition. The paint is worn off it looks like it was black, pull cord and mechanism are all there and appear to be in great shape. Next to the pull cord it is stamped WIZARD on top. Mu question is how can I identify year make model it came off of?

I have a good friend in Michigan that owns a marine repair business I planned to send it to for his shop showroom.

Thanks in advance.

John Stewart

Re: Found old Wizard Motor Cover...How to identify?

Western Auto sold Wizard brand outboards supplied by a number of outboard makers. Probably best to post good clear pictures. Someone here will know
model,year and who made it.

Re: Found old Wizard Motor Cover...How to identify?

More than likely you have a WD4S or WD3S as they were easily removed and being
heavy aluminm sand castings quite durable. If so, attached to fuel tank with
4 screws. Always someone looking for these rewind starters.