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do not know what to to do next

I got the 65 6hp wizard. Cleaned carb., changed plugs, put in electronic ignition, etc. Took it to lake on boat to adjust carb and it will only run about 30 seconds then takes 2 or 3 min to get it running again but no luck on adjusting making it run better. Carb might be sucking air a main gasket. Going to get some gasket sealer and try that. ANY IDEAS. ........

Re: do not know what to to do next

The motor could be using fuel faster than fuel flows from tank. I would look
for a blockage or restriction some where in system. Start with tank vent screw
and work thru to carburetor. Sticky carburetor float could be an issue.
Ignition,Compression and Carburetion...if a motor has all three it HAS to run.

Re: do not know what to to do next

I would remove the carb bowl and play with the float to see if gas trickles when the float is down. Improper float adjustment can cause fuel not to flow also. I assume you rodded out all the ports in the carb with fine wire and checked that they were clear of obstructions. Sometimes a bad spark plug will fire out of the cylinder, but not under compression or when it warms up.
Bad spark plug wires will work dry, but ground out around moisture too.