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adjust settings on carburetor after cleaning

Removed carburetor. Cleaned completely. Simple design,2 needle valves,one upper,one lower. Another screw attached to a tube with 2 holes near top.(in Ares of top needle valve). Two gaskets. One to motor, other on float cover. Once put back together, motor started up. Runs better than before. But needs adjusted.1965 6hp model # WBA6506A56. Serial # 1405

Re: adjust settings on carburetor after cleaning

Initial setting 1 turn open from closed for both needles. That should allow motor to start and run. Adjust from there when motor is warm under a load (as in running on boat at speed on water) Make small changes in Hi speed needle to arrive at at the point between too rich and too lean where motor runs best...make small adjustment and let motor run a bit...too rich...motor slows too lean and motor sneezes...back off toward rich and see if tht is ok. Tillotson MD or MT carburetor...turn out to richer turn in to lean...usually.
Then set low speed needle for best idle.
There is more to it but essentially that is small engine carburetor adjustment.

Re: adjust settings on carburetor after cleaning

Thanks for all your good help

Re: adjust settings on carburetor after cleaning

That Wizard is a 1965 6hp made by Chrysler.

Louis is right on the carb settings

Here is the manual: