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Wizard 7.5 60's i think.

I need a Hood for my Wizard Motor. its beige with Rusty Brown "Wizard" logo. Its old so color could have changed since it was new.

Re: Wizard 7.5 60's i think.

Guessing contests tend to be a little shorter with Make, Model and Serial Number
or a picture or two. Look for an Identification Tag. If the tag is still there
relay the data. If missing take a few pictures and post. Western Auto sourced
outboards from 5 or 6 different companies between mid 1950's and 1970's not counting Kiekhaefer/Mercury.
Some old outboards are said to run with only fresh fuel and a few pulls on
starter old outboard is more like a lottery hope for
a winner and tear up a lot of tickets.

Re: Wizard 7.5 60's i think.

I'm going to do my best to provide the numbers from the Tag.
Model# MLM69086
7.5 HP RPM 4500
Serial #(hard to read) 61700710-4497 (this could be 61700770-4497

i'll try and post pic later. thanks for trying to answer my request. GW

Re: Wizard 7.5 60's i think.

Wizard Outboard Model 6908 7 1/2 hp made by Scott/McCulloch 1960-62 yours is likely a 1961 version. Scott Awater was acquired by McCulloch so brand name evolve into McCulloch by several steps. You may find online information
under Scott of McCulloch.
If you plan to run your Wizard there are certain basic check and services
that almost certainly are needed. It is usually a bad idea to proceed directly
to trying to run an old outboard before doing them

Old Parts vendors recycle components. Ask online to see if they can help.
I would give them Make Model and Serial Number as that pins down things
Parts vendors need to be on the same page as you are to help you with
the correct item. There maybe year by year changes in hood as Scoot
evolved into McCulloch


Re: Wizard 7.5 60's i think.

Thanks a million times Louis! You have been Very Helpfull! GW