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Wizard WF-4 Recoil spring

I'm rebuilding a Wizard WF-4 Super Twin sn#385230 and need a recoil spring or a complete assy. I would consider buying a motor for parts. This is a great website, just bought an impeller from Brian Wilcox found through your site.

Re: Wizard WF-4 Recoil spring

This should be the one you need:

Re: Wizard WF-4 Recoil spring

If the problem is the end is broken off the spring it is possible to heat and
bend end of spring. It is also possible to attend a large outboard swap meet
and source a spring from one of the many models of Kiekhaefer Mercury/Wizard
that share the same spring. For an outboard used lightly a used or reworked
spring is more than adequate imho. Each of us must do our own cost/benefit
analysis to decide which needs to be new and which items with prior service
can be accepted. Sometimes the choice is does not exist..

Re: Wizard WF-4 Recoil spring

At the Constantine Super Meet Saturday I scrounged for parts for my early K Model accumulation. A walk and look thru the swap area netted a couple of rewind covers for green tank Mercs....complete with springs for a modest sum.
Seek and ye shall find at a reasonable price.