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Chubby "O" rings can sub for missing shock absorber

The cavity at rear of propeller P/N 48-24418 should have Absorber, rubber washer P/N 24422 and Washer, shock absorber retaining P/N 12-20959.
These are frequently missing. What to do?

In my travels out and about today I ran across some chubby "O" rings including
some with a 1/2" i.c. x 7/8" o.d. x 3/16" thick. Bought several and checked
in a propeller they will work in place of P/N 24422.

P/N 12-20959 is a 1/2" i.d. metal washer but standard 1/2" i.d. washers have an
o.d. larger than 7/8" so they have to be reduced to just under 7/8" so that
propeller nut acts to compress the rubber shock absorber and not to press on
the propeller directly,

The 48-24418 propeller is the design used with the clutch assembly but is also
used on the earlier models replacing earlier propeller.

KE4, Mark 7 and KE7 have same general layout using larger 9/16" prop shaft.