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WA 25 lower Unit Seal Kit

I have a WA 25 that need the lower unit resealed however I'm not sure which kit to buy list two kits 26-25431K for Mark 25 and 30 and 26-202336K Kh-7, Mark 15 and Mark 20. What is the correct seal kit for the WA-25
Thanks Mike

Re: WA 25 lower Unit Seal Kit

WA25 is Wizard version of Mark 30 so that should be the correct kit.
Double check by asking vendor for the kit that is correct for
Wizard WA25 Serial Number XXXXXXX. Old Mercs and others are aware
that Kiekhaefer made Wizards as well as Mercurys. Sometimes there are
running changes so serial number may be needed to identify parts correct
for a specific outboard.
Have fun

Re: WA 25 lower Unit Seal Kit

Thanks for the reply I found out my prop shaft seal is 1 1/8 diameter so that means my motor uses same seals as Mark 25 & 30.