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Early K Model projects arrive in mail

Thanks to a generous friend in the Southwest a pair of projects are on the
work bench...KE3 and KF3 singles powerheads. Tear down and clean up reveal
about all that will be needed are rings plus time and effort.
I will send progress pictures to Jason. Perhaps he will see fit to post.

Re: Early K Model projects arrive in mail

Project needed a couple good pistons which arrive with some other needed
parts in mail Friday. Quick trip to autoparts store for brake clean to strip
off grease and grime. Spent some time last evening prepping parts...carbon
in piston ring grooves and some minor touchups.
Late this afternoon I cut a couple gaskets, installed pistons on rods, installed
cylinders and water jackets...just a trial assembly but things look good.

I have detailed various steps with pictures...more than can be posted here
I can send but not post at this point...too lazy or dumb or impatient to
learn and follow the "simple" directions...ever notice when someone uses
the work simple to describe something that it is not so simple for person
receiving the directions.

Anyway I now have three Mercury single powerheads...KD3/WD3,KE3 and KF3
all based upon the same block and cylinders with minor variations...KF3
has a unique crankshaft and lower cover but with the other crankshaft anbd
lower cover could be built as either of the other two.

Re: Early K Model projects arrive in mail

Three rebuilt early K Model power head available. Some pistons, rods, bearings
unknown water jackets and misc. parts also. Perhaps something needed to complete your project.
email at of eight one Zero 385 37Zero1