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Re: carb part

Bottom gas control valve??? By chance would that be the Screw, Main Adjustment s
Part Number 10-23264 for AJ 10 as used on KE3?
If so, a 3 foot length of 3/16" brass rod from Lowes (about $4 a new sharp
file, a die and holder, an electric drill, a cut off saw (I use a copper
tube cutter) permanent marker and a good ruler or machinist's scale are
all that are required to make replacement using the old part as a sample
to duplicate. First attempt may be good enough but there is enough brass
rod to try again several times.
A metal working lathe is the preferred way to cut thread concentric to axis
of rod but with care a die can come close enough.

You may be able to purchase a New Old Stock part. There are a number of part
numbers for AJ 10 Screw,Main Adjustment. I believe they will all fit the
carburetor but may or may not fit KE3 application.


Re: carb part

Thanks Louis I will be making one

Re: carb part

Your next question will be what size thread die...I have a 3/16"x32 and 10x32
and each work...3/16"x32 is an old standard that MAY have been what was
used...some of the Tillotson AJ have a 1/4" super fine thread drain plug
screw in bottom of float well...a curious choice that I verified using a
thread gage.
Just to be on safe side take old part with you when buying a die as they
are not cheap and my memory is subject to revision when the facts come in.

Re: carb part

Louis: I have a lot of dies when I get a 3/16 rod i will look at my dies I amsure I got one Thanks vince