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Re: Impeller

1965 is year West Bend began making Wizards and also the year Chrysler bought
West Bend. I am fairly experienced on Early Kiekhaefer(Mercury) made Wizards
but not so much with later outboards. Be aware that the year the outboard was
purchased is not always the same as model year. In the 9 years 1956 to 1965
Wizard out boards were made by 4 different suppliers (not including Chrysler)
It is better to go by Make,Model and Serial Number from I D tag if a question
as to motor identity may arise.

In general water pump impellers are to be considered suspect until proven
by actual inspection as good to go. Your public library may have old generic manuals covering either your Wizard or similar models made by supplier.
Tank test is always a good idea even if impeller appear ok.
Cylinders should be warm but not too hot to touch. If in doubt shut down.
Exhaust stream is hot and noisy so cooling water is dumped into exhaust
manifold or exhaust/drive shaft housing. Some brands, models and years will
have a tell tale water outlet to show cooling water is flowing ok. If the
drive shaft/exhaust housing has relief holes hot water and vapor will
be seen coming out to confirm water is being pumped thru powerhead.