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needing lower unit seals for 1965 wizard

I am trying to find the lower unit seals for my 1965 wizard (20 hp) I am needing parts numbers but can not find them anywhere, would anyone here happen to know the part numbers for the lower unit seals?

Re: needing lower unit seals for 1965 wizard

The generic aftermarket repair manual I have shows layout of lower unit
but only give illustration numbers for the two seals.
If you have the old seals take them to an industrial bearing and seal supplier
to have them matched. Without the seals just measure the shaft diameter
and the pocket seal fits into...seal catalog will show seas by shaft diameter
and outside diameter of seal. Generally the standard seal will work. Exotic
stainless steel seals with various seal lip designs are available but at
a premium price. As a nonindustrial customer you are likely to be paying
top gouge already.
I can send a view of the lower unit parts illustration if you so choose.
Your 1965 Wizard 20hp was made by West Bend which was acquired by Chrysler
that year.
A new seal will work IF shaft is smooth,round and concentric to the seal.