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Wizard 7.5

I am assisting with a friend with cleaning out his property and I ran across this motor. I was hoping someone could give me a link or more information about this model and perhaps a value? He is trying to make more room and would like it gone. Thanks for your help.

Re: Wizard 7.5 response

A picture is worth a thousand words...maybe ten thousand of mine.
Can you post picture or model and serial number from id plate?
Probably best way to sell is local craigslist or ad in paper because
proper packing and shipping involve time, effort and cost.
Value of an old anything will vary by supply and demand.
There are a lot of old outboards awaiting either a trip to scrap heap
or restoration by more or less skilled hands.
Most old as found outboards will be in $50 range plus or minus.
It is not unusual for them to be given away.
There are exceptions to $50 equipment,very early ultra rare
and those with a proven association with an event or person of note.
Some outboards with easily sourced ignition and impeller parts have
a strong user following...OMC outboards with universal magneto
in running condition from 1960's.
In any case no matter how well cared for and used an older outboard is a
"pig in the poke" some of which will turn out badly, some favorably and
the rest dependent on knowledge, skill and luck of purchaser.
Louis opinion not fact