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Looking for overhaul manual for WK7 powermatic,can anyone help?

Re: Manual

"Based on" Mercury Mark 20 power head and lower unit. Mercury 1965 and Prior
Models manual should be of some help. "Based on" is a slippery phrase that
allows for various interpretations. As you proceed take notes, pictures and
sketch out things so you can "reassemble in reverse order"...another cute turn
of words that will trap the unwary who did not pay close attention while taking
things apart. Best mechanic I ever knew had a photographic memory.

You will need a place to work, tools to do the job and a place to clean
parts. Equally important is a place to sit down and have a cup of coffee
while considering how to deal with the insolvable problems as they arise.'
Exhaust cover and water jacket cover fasteners will break off so unless you
have need to remove best left alone. Most of the problem will be corrosion
and sticky fasteners. Be proactive where fasteners are concerned...the time
to heat is before you wrench. Some will cut head off bolts, remove a cover
and then work on removing the remains of bolts sticking out of block rather
than snapped off flush. There are a lot of techniques for working with old
outboards that are not in the factory manuals.

Re: Manual

Try searching here:

User ID: Marshall
Password: public

Left click on "Small Engine Repair Reference Center"
Left click on "Marine/Boat motors"
Left click on "Mercury"
Left click on "10-25 HP (1955-1962)"
This service manual should help you as it covers the Mark 20 motor.

This Database is good for other model outboards and small engines also, so save the link, username and password. It may come in handy someday.