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1962 6hp won't fire

I have a 1962 6 hp wizard and it won't fire I'm trying to find out how I can check the points and and coil and all that and find out what the compression is suppose to be can anybody help

Re: 1962 6hp won't fire

With some detail variations depending upon make and model reviving an older
outboard motor follows a pretty standard path...

1) determine make, model and serial number as much depends on what you have.
2) give it a through evaluation missing/broken parts can be found at a price in time, effort and dollars but a worn out outboard is a worn out outboard.
3) learn as much history of your outboard as you can as an aid to determine
where to begin or if you should begin.
4) get out your digital camera, pad and pencil before you get out the tools...
very helpful when it comes time to put things back together.

Now to answer the $64 question...2014 - 1962 = 52 years...kind of a long time
Very likely you have points that are "glazed" with oxidation if not more
expensive to cure bad coils. Older outboards had flywheel magnetos so you
will have to gain access to flywheel by carefully removing components,and then remove the flywheel...which can be unnerving if this is your
first mechanical adventure. You will need some tools beyond hammer, screwdriver and a pair of pliers but don't go looking for a set of the
special factory tools as few in the hobby have them and the remainder do
just fine without them...
Points are electrical contacts that over time oxidize (metals conduct electricity while oxides are insulators) Cure is to remove,polish,replace
and set gap(s) The coils might be okay or they might not...same for condenser(s) wires and connections. Something to watch for is oil and
dirt buildup...that usually indicates a bad upper crankshaft seal...
Be prepared to get dirt under your fingernails. Having a dedicated work
space where you can lay out parts as removed and work as time and mood
allow make for a relaxing hobby not an under the gun high pressure
Many minds sharper than mine are here available to answer questions.
Note: there are substances that neither conduct nor insulate called
semi conductors...the basis for solid state devices. More modern outboards
have solid state technology. Mechanics can understand and repair old
technology using simple trouble shooting know how...modern technology
requires a "tech" and a diagnostic computer to decide which component
needs to be replaced.