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1974 issue.

1974 Wizard 7.5 HP
Model # ESK 660 7A 47
Serial # 4D-743558

Who made the lower unit? Next problem: Starts and runs for a few seconds than shuts off. New carburetor kit installed. Now the kicker. The power head is still ESK TEC, but the tag says it's a 1979. Motor Tag # 710379B TECUMSEH 8300. 8300? Where can I find a carburetor for it?


Re: 1974 issue.

Eska outboards had air cooled powerheads supplied by Tecumseh mated to lower
units Eska either made or had made for them.
It is not uncommon for an old outboard to be given new life with the aid
of a parts motor. Unless repainted the fasteners will show signs of wrench
work if they have been worked on.
Parts sources can be those who part out old outboards or possibly whoever
wound up with factory leftovers when Eska stopped making outboards.
Start Run and Quit sounds like fuel system has a partial blockage. Does it
have idle and main needles and are they adjusted correctly?
Usually it is the simple things. Since Eskas are relatively inexpensive motors
it may not be cost effective to do more than minor tuneup and repair.

Re: 1974 issue.

Thanks for the information. How would you set the needles? Also, what is the 8300 on the motor tag?

Re: 1974 issue.

As long as needles are set about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 turns out from gently closed
motor should start and run...fine tune needle settings on boat warmed up.

Tags on motor identify the parts used to build power head and are needed
when ordering replacement parts. Makers of engines configure a basic power
unit to customer's application...I once had two Briggs and Stratton motors
to repair for a neighbor...involved some parts swapping and some new parts
...crank shaft on one motor had an extended snout to adapt to brush grinder
while the other had a stiffer snout adapted to dual belt pulley. I think some
other changes as well. Parts clerk needed the data plate numbers (model and
serial) to order the correct parts. Sometimes numbers stamped into sheet metal
and sometimes on tag fastened to motor. In the event parts are needed the parts
clerk can find parts with the numbers...without the numbers and/or letters
finding right parts may be difficult.
All this assumes maker still supports the product with parts availability...
sometimes even fairly new items are treated as throw away as it is assumed
customer will not pay for shop time to replace a dollar part on say a
2 year old weed whacker that can be bought new for not much more than
cost to repair the old.
If you have an older vehicle and are involved in a minor collision that sets
off the air bag your insurance company may total it rather than pay for
repairs and a new air unpleasant way to learn that repairs can
often exceed value of a middle age vehicle...average age of vehicles on
road is about 9 years.

Re: 1974 issue.

whT size is thefill plug on thelower unit