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Hi again, I'm wondering if someone can tell me the difference between the wd-3S and the wd-3 motors? I have both. The wd-3S is 1 1/5 inches longer the ser. number is 264794. The wd-3 ser. number is 116254. There's a lot of difference in the two. The coils and timer plates, the housing between the motor and lower unit is casted different and on and on. I know the S model has the recoil. Any info is most appreciate. Thanks again Mark

Re: wd-3s

Postwar Mercury (Kiekhaefer) made Wizards not only are not exactly like Mercurys
but same models of Wizards can vary depending upon what components Kiekhaefer had in the parts bin. The other possible reason for differences is that thrifty
persons may have combined two or more damaged outboards to create a usable
motor...I have been known to do that too.
Most likely you have factory examples of using up noncurrent parts inventory.
There are several exhaust/driveshaft housings of different lengths, a short
one I have seen mostly on Mercurys and a longer different design used mostly
on Wizards (both prewar and postwar models singles and twins.) I have no
idea why.
Post some pictures of your motors for comments.