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propellor shaft needed for 51 6hp wizard super twin

Hi all..I need a propellor shaft for my 51 wg-4.My old one has lost its chrome plating and is down to corroded steel where it engages bronze bearing.Mine has a 19 tooth gear pinned to it..any help greatly appreciated..kelly couch

Re: propellor shaft needed for 51 6hp wizard super twin

Prop shafts are all the same part number up to KE3 and WG4
Gear can be pressed off after pin is driven out. Twins use 14/19 gear set.
Last time I needed a prop shaft I got it from Tom Thuerwachter in Fon du Lac

I have a prop shaft someone made from a bolt. Not a good job but it
apparently worked as it came on a motor. If you can use the old prop shaft
for measurements making a new one from a 1/2" ground stainless bar stock is not a serious lathe project. I can hear the groans now...who is a machinist?

If you are in Southern Michigan, Northwestern Ohio or Western Ontario you are not far from Yack Arena Wyandotte, Michigan
25th annual North American Model Engineering Expo will be held there
this week end April 26 & 27 2014...there you will see impossible machining projects up close and get to talk with their creator.
Craftsmanship is very much alive and well despite reports to contrary.