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Re: super 5 water pump impeller

Does anyone know the order of steps to take to replace the water pump impeller on a Wizard super 5?
I have a wizard super 5 with low hours which my grandfather bought new in the mid 1950's, It fired right up but wants to over heat.
Thanks in advance, Cliff

Thanks to an online condensed manual I found thru this site I was able to remove the old beat up impeller. You have to 1. remove shift cable from clamp in motor housing. 2. loosen clamp nut on upper lower unit and slotted screw opposite of clamp nut. 4. Pull off lower unit being careful not to break off fins on lower unit column like I did, even though I used a wood block to gently rap with a hammer. Fins are real easy to break. 5. Remove o-ring and bushing from drive shaft. From there it's pretty easy to remove the impeller. Just waiting for the new one to arrive in the mail. I'm bummed out about breaking the water fin. It's more cosmetic than anything. Anyone have a spare lower unit column to a super 5, or a mark 5? for cheap?