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Re: 7.5 Wizard Outboard in Australia

Hi I found a 7.5 horse wizard for 75.00 is it worth the money thanks also it is all imtacked

Re: 7.5 Wizard Outboard in Australia

Thanks JP That's a lot of good info. I'm looking for a service manual for it now, as I can't get it to pump fuel

Re: Re: 7.5 Wizard Outboard in Australia

Hi David-

Can you post (or e-mail me) your model number, and then we can track down the right parts and possibly a manual. I am guessing that you have either a McCulloch or Eska-made Wizard if it is a 7.5 HP, but the model will clear that up. Shouldn't be too hard to get parts you need.


Re: 7.5 Wizard Outboard in Australia

Old outboards come in a range of prices...from "Free to a Good Home" on up.
Given the price of coils, impellers and cosmetic items (if needed) "Free" is
sometimes no bargain. A given brand and model of outboard motor may be for
sale by several parties at a large meet. Condition may range from like new to
to as found in basement of outhouse. So prices will vary. Even otherwise
similar condition outboards may have different "asking" prices because even
someone with dozens of outboard motors can not be certain of what to ask.
There may also a certain amount of "negotiating room" in some asking prices
anywhere so individual negotiating skills are involved.
Let me illustrate with a little story...

Suppose there is a well advertised auction that includes an outboard motor
model you would like to have. A number of people have also read the ad and
plan to attend the auction possibly to bid on the outboard. Comes auction day
and some will have other plans. You get up early, arrive at the auction and
get a good parking spot only a 1/4 mile down the road. You walk around but
do not see the advertised outboard motor. Finally you edge to front of a large gathering of older men to see what has their interest. There is the
outboard motor in all its glory...minus a few cosmetic items and while not
quite junk has surely seen better days.
Several hours later after it has begun to rain the auctioneer gets around
to the outboard motor. You are thinking the outboard in its condition might
be worth a bid of $50 maybe $75 tops. Auctioneer starts at $300, gets a starting bid of $150 and after spirited bidding the outboard has a new
owner (fortunately not you) at $375. You leave the aution soaked, trudge
back a 1/4 mile to your car and promptly get into a traffic jam of all the
other would be outboard owners leaving at same time.
Seems like a lost day...But wait, there's more to the story.
On the way home you see a garage sale sign and notice what seems to be an
old outboard behind some other items (apparently the rain storm only hit the
auction). You pull in and hop out and find it is identical to the outboard at
the auction in better condition and the tag says $25! You turn to find owner
with another price tag for $500 which he exchanges for the one on the motor.
You ask and are told "my buddy called me from the auction and told me what
a piece of junk sold for...mine is worth more." You Leave without saying another word.
Arriving home your new neighbor who moved in the old house and barn down the
street is waiting for you. He says "I hear you like old outboard motors, we
found an old one in the barn and it is in pretty good shape. Do you want
to come over and take a look at it?" You are dead tired,discouraged and
wet thru and thru, but, you accompany your new neighbor to the old barn
and sure enough there is a like new example or the same outboard as at the
auction. Before you can ask the price, your new neighbor says you can have
it for a cold beer or two. You agree that is more than fair and wheel the
outboard and dolly home. Before you leave you notice some more outboards
lurking in the shadows and a sign "Joe Smith's" Outboard Sales and Service.
You ask your neighbor about them and he says "I have already sold them for
scrap metal"