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Found a WD-4S


I found a WD-4S in my barn, and have been scouring the internet for any info on it. I found this forum, and it seemed like a good place to ask for info. I'm not a restoration person at all, but I am a fan of preserving old things - like this motor. So I was wondering if the motor (or its parts) are valuable to anyone? Or if this is one of those things I'd just be better off scrapping.

Again, I lack the knowledge and time to restore/repair it, but if it is of value to anyone, I'd rather sell it to someone (at a very fair price) than toss it in the scrap pile. But I have no idea where to start. I'm from western Wisconsin (in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro), if that helps in terms of resources or potential collectors in the area.

Thank you to anyone who helps.

Have a great day!

Re: Found a WD-4S

Your WD4S dates from the late 1940's. Manufactured by Kiekhaefer for sale under Wizard Brand. Very similar to Mercury KD4S also made by Kiekhaefer. Frequently the spark plug covers and cowl have been removed and discarded in past. If so,value is much reduced. It is not unusual for motors to have significant mechanical issues.
There are ,of course, exceptions that have been gently used and well cared for...not very many though...even so, WD4S are not uncommon. Supply and
demand set price of all goods...the antique outboard club has about 3,000
members...not enough to provide a home for all the old outboards needing
tlc. There are a lot of buy low and sell high entrepreneurs scouring the
countryside looking for dollars.

Even the worst example has value for its parts to not call the
junk man unless he collects old outboards.
Due to shipping costs, potential for shipping damage and pig in poke aspect
your outboard likely is of less interest to anyone who can not see it
in person and take it with. Your local craigslist probably will work if you post a picture(s) and a price in the ball park or obo.
I will not say what it is worth...I do not know its condition and in any
case too far away.

I am now working on a WD4S project "Complete but Stuck" that has proven to be a good example of a "Money Pit" It has however provided a good series on
how to deal with common issues. If I had not been looking for a problem
motor for the series its parts would have completed several other projects.
Good Luck