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Wizard WH-6A Super 5

I picked up a really nice original 1957 WH6A Wizard Super 5. A few interesting things: SN wise, it is definitely a wh-6a but it is missing the "A" in the stamped model number. It is also consistent parts book wise with a WH6A. It has as a smooth propshaft with shear/drive pin for the prop. I was unaware of this feature. As far as can be seen with the parts book, they went with this design for the 6A. I guess they got sick of dealing with prop clutch issues.

Re: Wizard WH-6A Super 5

I like the shear pin style myself.

The clutch style is OK. I found if I use a rope with screwdriver as a turnaquet to pull the prop toward the front of the lower unit housing I can tighten and loosen the prop nut without going crazy.

Re: Wizard WH-6A Super 5

found - '56 wizard super 5. getting ready to do research. but I am no engine guy and do not want to erase any value. This thing is about a 6-9/10?
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also found a '64 Evinrude sweet 16 for resto