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20 Hp Wizard outboard

I have a 20hp wizard and would like to now how made it an what year. Also is part still available. Model# CoC6620A07 Serial# 10138

Re: 20 Hp Wizard outboard

Very likely you have a 1966 20 hp outboard made by Chrysler. (West Bend had been
purchased by Chrysler about 1965) Chrysler made and sold outboard motors under
the Chrysler brand and supplied Western Auto, Montgomery Ward and others with
private label outboards. Chrysler also supplied marine adapted engines to boat
builders for many years.
As for parts there may be some aftermarket vendors of impellers, points, coils. Other parts may be sourced from vendors who break old outboards down for resale of usable parts.

Before you do anything else, evaluate the condition of your outboard.
There are some old outboards that will start and run like a top with fresh
gas and a pull on the starter cord....and there are some that contain not
one good part not even the fasteners...I have had both kinds...more of the
second variety than the first.

Re: 20 Hp Wizard outboard

Louis thanks for your help. Took motor to my brothers. And 2 hrs. later he had it running like a top got a after market impeller put it in and motor is running great. He was the only person i now who would work on the motor no boat shop within 100 miles of me would work on it they all said it was to old. If they can't look in a book and find parts they dont want anything to do with it.

Re: 20 Hp Wizard outboard

I once had a Mercury KE4 or Mark 7 with a broken crankshaft and a powerhead
with a good about a week of after supper work a complete
and running KE4 / Mark 7....without counting parts and valuing my labor
at $20 an hour that came out to roughly $400...a shop mechanic could
do the job much faster but also at a shop rate of about $100 per hour.
Even if you provide all the parts, shop manual and service tools the labor
and overhead costs make it impractical for a shop to work on antiques. Shops
already have enough orphan repair jobs owners abandoned.
That is why old outboards are cheap...the cost to repair/restore as a hobby is
mostly time not money IF the project is well chosen.