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Looking for cowling 1970 wizard 9.2 hp

Re: cowling

If a water cooled powerhead it is likely Chrysler Outboard supplied Western Auto with your Wizard branded outboard. Chrysler also sold as Chrysler and thru several other retailers as private brand outboards. There may be only minimal changes among brands so a cowl may be generic needing only a repaint and decal.

Eska also supplied Western Auto (and many others) with generic outboards using Tecumseh air cooled powerheads on Eska made lower units. Again, cowls
probably not much changed.

Doug Penn and other online outboard salvage vendors may be able to help.

Many think of their outboard in terms of year and power...when it comes to
finding parts the id plate data is what is needed.
As a parts counter clerk would say..."make,model and serial number..."
If id plate is missing, post photos. The sharper eyes here can help...
good luck