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Re: coil

At the Suter Swap and Show meet today I found a vendor with a ton of NOS
Kiekhaefer stuff including Eisemann Coils. The price was a little more than
pocket change and neither he nor I were positive they were for 61 H.
Price was (in my opinion) reasonable. I told vendor how to link up with
this site and get with you to see if what he had you could use. Suggest
you exchange pictures. The coils were in Eisemann box and looked like for
a single cylinder ,but, just because it was with a ton of Kiekhaefer
parts does not follow the Eisemann coils were for 61 H as used by Kiekhaefer
as other companies used various versions of Eisemann magnetos.
Best I could do.
I snoop all the parts anyway so nothing out of my way.