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Re: Wizard 5hp, don't know year how to repair

Do an online search for "Eska". They made tons of badged outboards sold under
a variety of labels. Tecumseh was/is an engine maker with a policy of not
competing with their customers. Tecumseh customized engines for different
applications. The id tag information gives the model and variations...selecting
correct replacement parts difficult without knowing model and variations.
A small engine repair shop would need that information to look up parts
availability. Due to low market value of Eska based outboards major repair
is usually not worthwhile. My local public library has quite extensive collection of aftermarket service manuals and do it yourself books for repair
and service of outdoor power equipment and recreation equipment. They have
proven more than helpful on a number of occasions. Online resources may
be as useful. One thing to bear in mind...reading the book does not give give
you all knowledge and experience relevant to your requires
some personal growth and getting your fingers dirty to get the job done...and
sometimes several efforts.
No spark or spark at wrong time calls for a look at points, gap, flywheel key
condenser, coil and ignition is also not unknown for even new
spark plugs to be bad. Some Tecumseh motors have coil,heel and ignition wire
in on assembly...take to small engine shop and for a small fee they will test. They can be good, bad or iffy. Condenser can be tested as well although
usually pretty cheap. Lawnmower type magnetos with the coil/heel/ignition wire are bolted to motor outside flywheel. Use two new dollar bills to set
gap between heel and flywheel rim and then rotate flywheel to check for
interference. Flywheel key locates magnet on flywheel to time spark...sheered
key common on lawnmowers. It sounds like your outboard has more life left in
it and worth some tinkering.
Good Luck

Re: Wizard 5hp, don't know year how to repair

Thanks for the information I now know where to start.

Re: Wizard 5hp, don't know year how to repair

The PDF of some manuals is available:

Go to:

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Name: marshall

P.W. : public

-----Go under the Small Engine Repair Reference Center then will find similar motors under Tecumseh.

The powerhead was made by Tecumseh and you will probably find parts on Ebay pretty easily.