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2 wizard parts motors for sale

I have 2 wizard outbards. one is still completely assembled 6hp(model# C0C6606A96, SERIAL# 1593) and other is completely dis-assembled parts from a 9hp. only things missing from 9hp is block and middle shaft. 6hp was running and just had it completely gone through by proffessional boat mechanic. unfortunately, on my first trip out after getting motor back, i ran it in too shallow of water and plugged up the impeller which overheated the engine. after taking ot back to the boat mechanic he said that since he cant get any parts for it he was scared of breaking in to the block in case he required a part that's not available. so mow im stuck with my original motor and my parts motor with no way of fixing it or them. I would like to get 300.00 out of the entire package which is a very reasonable price. Call, text or e-mail if interested. have pics i can send.

Kendell Chapin