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Re: 1950's Wizard super power 25 timing

There are new reprints of Mercury 1965 and Prior Models available from several
on line suppliers and there are moldy oldy greasy dirty copies of variout
vintages "out there" There is also DVD offered on line (ebay) at a very
nominal sum that MAY include desired information...ASK. Put an ad in
webvertize at aomci site and take a look at ebay
Mercury Service Manual part number is C-90-25500.
Since the catalog was written for dealer mechanics in the 1960's to cover no
longer current product you find mention of Mercury Service Tools and the obvious
(to mechanics anyway) left out. Left unmentioned are stuck fasteners and
broken or missing items...fairly new motors did not have the "stuck"
issues and parts were either at parts counter or available in a few days
from distributor.
You may find it helpful to look up Mercury Parts Manual for Mercury Mark 30
online New York AOMCI chapter. Mercury and Wizard versions of same basic
motor were NOT exactly the same but broadly similar.
If there is an active AOMCI chapter in your area see if there is a swap meet
coming up. You may even want to join after looking things over.

Re: 1950's Wizard super power 25 timing

A .PDF file of a free manual is available:

Go to:

Log in with:

User ID: marshall

password : public

-----Go under the Small Engine Repair Reference Center (look for the wrench), then Marine/Boat will click on Mercury in the 2nd column and then click on 4 Cylinder models (1955-1965).