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Correct Model Number for Scott Wizard ?

Wizard 1960? 12hp With Data Tag Stamped number 3619 (prefix unreadable).
Is this the model number? Does anyone know the correct prefix?

This came with a dealer stand painted with the same turquoise color. It is made if wood. Has anyone ever seen one?

Re: Correct Model Number for Scott Wizard ?

I performed Google searches with:
3619 wizard outboard
3619 Scott outboard
3619 McCulloch outboard
Nothing came up, so I am assuming 3619 is probably part of a serial number or that there is probably not much information on the web. With these types of motors, knowing the make and horsepower is probably more important anyway. If I recall correctly, the Eska branded great grand children of the Scott motors, had serial numbers on metal tabs attached to a bolt on the power head.

The wooden stand sounds interesting. Perhaps could you upload some pictures?