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3.6 Scott outboard serial number

I'm trying to figure out the year and some other info on my 3.6 Scott the serial plate is worn and only the numbers that are stamped I can read the numbers are3136 anyone have any help!!??!!?? Also anywhere I can still get parts I need a needle and seat?!?

Re: 3.6 Scott outboard serial number

Scott sold out to McCulloch

The PDF of the manual is available:

Go to:

Log in with:

User ID: marshall

password : public

-----Go under the Small Engine Repair Reference Center (look for the wrench), then Marine/Boat will click on MCCULLOCH in the columns and then click on 3-1/2.

You need to figure out if you have a Tillotson AJ or a Walbro LMO carburetor, then search Ebay or Google for similar parts. It can be a bit hit and miss, but lots of stuff are interchangeable. Eska Made the same design lower unit later using Tecumseh powerheads.