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Question about Coils for Quote Reply

I have a question?

I have a Wizard Powermatic 12 1957 model WN7A, I have had it since I was in high school. I have not started it in years. I got two new Phelon Coils I plain on using. The points look good, I will have to buy two new condenser.
The new coils have a wire coming out that goes to the points. They also has a small braded wire and a small copper wire that almost come out of the same hole in the coils. These two wires join together with a clip and go to ground The small solid copper wires on both coils are broke off at the coils.
My question is the wire that is broke does it mater since they both connect together at ground?

Re: Question about Coils for Quote Reply

Yes, unfortunately, it does matter. Each of your "coils" actually consists of two coils of wire. One is the primary and the other is the secondary coil of a transformer. All four wires need to connect to something for the circuit to work. It just happens that one wire from the primary and one wire from the secondary connect to ground. The other primary wire goes to the points, and the other secondary wire is the spark plug wire. If you are lucky, you have anough of that solid wire protruding that you can somehow connect to it. Perhaps by soldering another wire to it.

What was wrong with your old coils?

John Van

Re: Question about Coils for Quote Reply

Thanks for the info. The old coils had become soft and had cracks in them. I will try to connect the wires together if possible. I will let you know how the processes turns out.
Thanks again for the help.