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Still looking for the cowl for a Wizard WD-4S

Hey all, I'm still need the front cowl. Other wise pretty close to being finished with restoration. Please help.

Re: Still looking for the cowl for a Wizard WD-4S

Sorry, I don't have an extra, but here is a post of what it should look like.

Re: Still looking for the cowl for a Wizard WD-4S

1) twin cowls may be available as reproduction...the single cowls are
available as semi finished castings.
2) E bay sometimes has an assortment of parts available in a disassembled
parts motor auction.
3) Parts sometimes available from on line salvage sales.
4) Cowls and spark plug covers (and rewinds too) are frequently gone. .
Finding a complete example is less common than finding a motor with
something off to to parts unknown. Sometimes a hopeless wreck will turn
up with the vital pieces present and price is reasonable. Currently I have
5 twins and 3 cowls. I acquired two tank/rewinds and a cowl at Constantine
meet...sold cowl to vendor who said he needed an example to use in making
reproductions...hopefully that will help situation. There are more old
outboards out there than persons interested in restoring so unless
scrapped there should be a fair number of junkers to supply parts.
As always know what you are looking for and keep your eyes and ears open
Have opportunity cash in back of wallet in case lightning strikes.

Bear in mind the twin cowls are same for Mercury and Wizard for both rope
plate and rewind starter versions of KD/WD Fours.Paint,tags and decals differ
but castings are same (at least in those I have seen.)

Re: Still looking for the cowl for a Wizard WD-4S

thanks for the info. I've my favorite sellers on E-bay on my phone alerts lol. if you can give me the venders name that said he is going to make cast that would a great help. any leads are most appreciated.put the word out.