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Age of my wizard

Looking for age of my wizard wf4 serial number 318064

Re: Age of my wizard

Per the Tech Info on main page this site WF4 were current models in 1949 and
1950...preceded by WD4 model of 1947-48 and followed by WG4 model in 1951 and
later years. Year of original purchase may be later because not all units
were sold in year(s) they were current due to difficulty in matching production
with sales. I have seen lists purporting to give serial numbers of years of
production...not official listings. At the time for competitive reasons production numbers were confidential and known only to those with a need to know...likely only Mr. Kiekhaefer and Western Auto purchasing management.
Few customers preserved sales receipt, instructions and other paper work so
you seldom can pin down events of more than a half century back. Paperwork
is even scarcer than good coils and impellers.
Anyway WF4 might have been made as early as Fall of 1948 or late as late
Summer 1949. Kiekhaefer probably gave priority to Mercury production and
fitted in Wizard assembly as needed to best utilize staff, plant and
equipment as well as Mr. Kiekhaefer's whims. The time lag between when
motor was made and retail sale was impacted by economy, weather and world
events...outbreak of War in Korea in Summer of 1950 led to abrupt inflation
of producer and retail prices followed quickly by price controls. About
this time Mr.Kiekhaefer took up stock car racing.

Re: Age of my wizard

Thank you for the information on my Wizard. I do have the manuel but not the original receipt! Hopefully, I will be able to get it running again. It has not been on the water for 30 years!! Thanks again.