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Re: Wizard 3.6hp number on mount 2814

Tillotson carburetor AJ16A is associated with Scott Atwater 3.6hp
single or same under Firestone brand (late 40's early 1950's).
Per Outboard Motor Service Manual the AJ16A was a carburetor option
on the 3.6 hp single offered by McCulloch in late 1950's early 1960's when
they supplied Western Auto...likely only slightly updated.
McCulloch bought Scott Atwater and supplied Western Auto with Wizard
brand outboards for a few years then switched to supplying Sears with
a range of gas powered equipment including outboards. MAY have been
sold thru Sears as low power outboards tended not to be upgraded as
much as higher power models

Per Discount Marine site carburetor chart and vintage ABOS service manual.

Re: Wizard 3.6hp number on mount 2814

Thanks I will put a photo up soon

Re: Wizard 3.6hp number on mount 2814

The motor turns freely and seem to have good compression but no spark I have pulled the flywheel.Point look good but the coil has cracks in the covering.

Re: Wizard 3.6hp number on mount 2814

Cracked cover of coils often means coil is history. Some have had luck with
recovering. Flywheel and or magneto plate are usually marked for maker
and model...generally supplied by a vendor such as Repco Phelon,Wico,
Eisemann,Fairbanks Morse...Replacement coils "are around". Points usually can be cleaned up, condenser usually easily found as all you need is something of correct rating, that will fit space available and has a long enough pigtail to reach connections.
Flywheel nut 400 INCH pounds...about 33 FOOT pounds

Re: Wizard 3.6hp number on mount 2814

Thank you Louis I will be checking on those next. I am working on a Canoe with my Granddaughter right now.