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Clinton Outboard Motor Help, VS200

I have run accross an outboard motor made by the Clinton Machine Co, Model VS200 2238, S/N X 1096857 B. I am trying to decode the numbers in order to learn what I have. Can someone assist me? Is there a site to go to in order to assist me.


Re: Clinton Outboard Motor Help, VS200

VS200 2238 is the model of the power head, not the whole boat motor
VS stands for "vertical shaft"

2238 is the variation of the 2000 series VS200 motor. this variant used the #2377 crankshaft

I wasn't able to track down a serial number date but I think serial numbers varied by engine model numbers and not by date so much.

Engine parts manual here:

Clinton outboard manual:
The PDF of the manual is available:

Go to:

Log in with:

Name: marshall

P.W. : public

-----Go under the Small Engine Repair Reference Center then marine then will find it.

History of Clinton outboards and some serial number information:

Re: Clinton Outboard Motor Help, VS200

some info here. From the serial number it looks to be a relatively new motor.

Ooops, looks like Bryan beat me to it.