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Re: Wizard Boat Motor

Your motor was made by Eska. The ESK prefix is the give away.
All Eska Outboards with model numbers 14205 and above where built in 1985 - 1986. Eska closed and stopped production in 1986.
Most of those motors used a 50:1 Oil Mix. Plugs used where J-12-Y with a gap of .030

To post a picture you have to upload the image to a picture hosting website and post a link to it here using BB code.

Re: Wizard Boat Motor

The PDF of the manual is available:

Go to:

Log in with:

Name: marshall

P.W. : public

-----Go under the Small Engine Repair Reference Center then will find it.

The powerhead was made by Tecumseh and you will probably find parts on Ebay pretty easily.

Re: Wizard Boat Motor

Thanks all