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polishing prop

Well I finely got everything to reseal / rebuild lower (prop) unit on the Wizard. Question, Should I polish the prop ? It is dull , beat up and greasy. Will it help glide through water or be a waste of time ? Thanx for reply .Phil

Re: polishing prop

Is the prop pitted by corrosion? If so extensively or not?
Look carefully at trailing edge of prop near it cracked on one
or both blades? Is prop a good fit on prop shaft or worn/corroded to a sloppy
fit? Are leading and trailing edges of blades smooth without notches of
missing metal?
You may need to clean prop first.
Repairing an old prop may cost more than a good used replacement unless prop
is rare or racing.
Original equipment props are still around as are after market props. You do
have to do your homework so you know what you are looking for and how to identify it. Otherwise you may pass by what you need or buy something that
looks right but isn't.
PS blades have to follow same track...if blade(s) are bent or twisted they
will not track and should not be used.
Minor nicks on blade leading or trailing edges can be dressed with a file
face of blades can be smoothed with wet or dry sandpaper, minor corrosion
can be filled with JBWeld or similar.
Grease and dirt may not impair performance, but, may conceal faults.