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Identify Manufacturer of Western Auto Wizard

Good Day:

I have a Western Auto Wizard and there is a model and serial number plate on the right hand side on the driveshaft housing. The Model is WD-3 and the Serial # is 116226. Can anyone help to identify the company that made the engine and the year of manufacture. I'm told they were made by a variety of companies. I'm looking to sell it and don't know what I've got or the value. Thanks!

Re: Identify Manufacturer of Western Auto Wizard

Hey there Dave,
Looks as if your WD3 was manufactured by Mercury Kiekhaefer in 1946. There were several other manufacturers but they came after Mercury. Value is a very subjective issue depending on a number of things. Does it run, is the paint good, are all the parts there, etc. It all depends on condition. It would be good if you posted some pictures and info.
Good Luck,

Re: Identify Manufacturer of Western Auto Wizard

Hi Dave,
I also have a WD-3. It was the first Wizard model from Mercury to come out in 1946 after WWII. They are pretty much identical to a Mercury KD3 with the exception of paint and decals.
They are fun little motors and eye catchers at the boat landing.