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Wizard WF-4

Just got a Wizard WF-4. 1949 model. It does not have a carry handle, whereas my 53 WG-4 does. Is mine just missing or did they not have one in 1949? The service manual does not show one, but I saw one on ebay that did have one. Anyway, just curious, and if I need one, then I'll start the search for one. Thank you.
Howard, Maryland

Re: Wizard WF-4

Howard, the parts list I have shows it as a normal part and a kit.The parts listed for WG-4 have different part numbers, so I am assuming they may not interchange.

Re: Wizard WF-4

Thanks Brian. Yeah, I looked at the WF and the WG and it is clear the WG handle would not fit the WF. I guess if you show it as a kit then maybe it was an option? Be a nice one to have. Have to keep my eyes open for one.