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Gas Tank Chewing Gum

Well.....working on another motor and when I opened the gas tank I found an unearthly substance in that tank (and probably everywhere else down the line) that is a god awful combination of chewing gum, molasses, and tar. Have tried the usual weapons....brake parts cleaner, gasoline, carb cleaner...nothing is disolving this crap.

I am sure that you guys have made friends with this beast before. Any advice about how to hammer this stuff would be appreciated.

Doug Williams, Miami, Florida

Re: Gas Tank Chewing Gum

Have you tried Lacquer thinner? What color is it?

Re: Gas Tank Chewing Gum

A tank with some very old and very solid fuel mix...lacquer thinner will
liquify the takes several days (in hot weather out in sun)...
pour out the sludge into a can, decant the lacquer thinner liquid and return
to the continue process.
The sludge is a nasty evil smelling material...allow the lacquer thinner
to evaporate...and perhaps mix in some floor dry. Seal in plastic bag
so it can be disposed of with household trash.
After last of crud has been removed strong ammonia can be used to clean tank
down to bare metal.
Adding BBs to tank with the ammonia and shaking to loosen rust may be needed...some suggest sharper more aggressive items such as nuts and bolts...

Everyone has found techniques that work most of the one has yet found
techniques that work all the time.

Use caution...lacquer thinner will easily ignite, wear protective gloves
work outside. Strong ammonia is a powerful caustic...wear protective gloves
and protect face/eyes against splash. Both thinner and ammonia are powerful
chemicals that should NOT be used without taking protective measures to
avoid problems in case of spill or splash.
Seal tank fuel outlet..often 1/8" pipe plug...a hardware store item