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Status Report on WA3

Pretty squared away now...waiting for some parts and slowly working off all of the paint. Decided to learn how to polish aluminum on the prop and got a good start last evening.


Next issue to tackle is how to straighten out the bump on this motor's head...if it is even possible.


I am starting to get a picture of this motor actually running and also how it will look. Thanks again to all that have been helping me.

Doug Williams, Miami

Re: Status Report on WA3

That rope sheave shouldnt be hard to pry out. Try a wedge of wood, or a carefully placed prybar (with wood to protect flywheel). Propane torch could help if it's stubborn. Good luck.

Re: Status Report on WA3

If you have access to a press or can work up something similar the rope plate
is easy enough to reform as it is stamped aluminum. Be careful of 1940 pot metal Eisemann and Wico flywheels. 70+ years may not have been kind to metal alloy. The aluminum rope plate best dealt with on its own not attached to flywheel imho.
I have a couple spare rope plates...they are Sea Kings though.