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Rebuild status

Thanks to Louis and others, the fix to the frozen stator was easy.... backed off on the screw and hit it with the lube....moves easy now.

One thing leads to you know...and now, as I move the piston, it is clear that the gaskets/seals shown in the picture are can see the lube and bubbles when you rotate the head.

So...I am thinking that I need to get a gasket set and tear this one down to it's primal basics....thoughts and advice?



Photobucket hope these pictures are viewable..Doug

Re: Rebuild status

Gasket sets are available from several online sources. If you are new to working on small engines that is the quick and easy way to go.
For about the cost of a set you can purchase, gasket punches, scissors, exacto knife, rolls of thin and thick gasket material although finding heat resistant material needed for areas subject to exhaust has become more difficult. Making gaskets is one of the small investment big return skills.
Conserve your funds to purchase things you can not make.
The springs under the copilot disc legs can be FUN to reinstall unless
you work out the technigue involveing a clamp and some slight of hand.

One thing to take note of when disassembling powerhead...BEFORE removing
polish exposed ends of crankshaft to remove dirt and corrosion then lube.
Do this to avoid damage to bushing/bearing in lower cover of crankcase or crankcase

For some reason old outboards get coated with a variety of dirt/crud that
require much effort and high strength degreasing detergent to remove...
in all the nooks and crannies...Most of the time and effort in restoring
an old outboard is expended in disassembly and cleaning. You have to see
the finished result in your mind's eye...everyone else sees what is, you have
to see what can and will be.