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Progress report on WA3 Wizard rebuild

Thanks so much to Kirk Pfeffer and Louis for all of your help. Kirk sent me a couple of pictures and gave me a call to help me figure out the pin issue I posted. Thanks to these guys I have identified that the motor is missing a spring.

Here is Kirk's picture used to help me figure this out...what a nice guy!

Found that the stator was frozen busted out the blaster and a now, but very stiff. Should I take the thing apart? New territory here and much to learn....probably should tear it completely down on top too.



Small thing, but have one of the bracket washers gone....don't know how to repair that.


So....need a tank, spring for the prop shaft, and alot of patience to keep making progress. But...I would not be making any progress at all if it was not for this board.

Thanks...Doug Williams, Miami, Florida

Re: Progress report on WA3 Wizard rebuild

Did you back off tension on clamping screw of magneto plate? That may be
reason behind "stuck" or maybe the contact area between plate and snout
of powerhead could stand some lube.
Washer, Thumb Screw part # 24306? common to motors up thru KE3
Make a list of all you need and see if a vendor of used parts can supply
some or all on your list. Be sure you both are on same page as far as
which part(s) you need.
You may have to set motor aside after going as far as you can until the
parts come your way....if so, be sure to tag motor with what has been done,
what needs to be done and parts needed. Best to button up a project as
much as you can before setting it aside so parts stay together. BAD things can happen if too many parts from too many motors are loose on work bench
NICE pictures.