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Need a gas tank for WA3

Will pay good money for a straight tank for the WA3...and will probably need some other parts before "it is all over". The good thing is that it is never "all over".

Thanks alot...Doug Williams, Miami, Florida

Re: Need a gas tank for WA3

Did you see anything interesting at the meet? More often than not there is something under a tail gate, at the bottom of a bucket or hidden in plain
sight that has your name on it. Even better is to meet someone with motor
interests the same as yours. Every chapter has room for a few more members so pass the word around. Best of luck in finding a shoebox tank.

Re: Need a gas tank for WA3

I found a Wizard tank and lower unit....for a later wizard....but the guys I met were super and I got alot of questions answered. I had some info that a couple of the guys needed, so mailing that off to them on Monday.

Going to the next meet in February and will take a couple of my motors with me. If I luck out I will find what I need for my Wizard and show it off.

I have a list of 6 local guys I met that all have offered to help me and a couple of those guys will be able to help me find parts.

Also going to donate one of the motors I have to the chapter. I got a Fisherman 5.5 a few weeks ago (1956) and have decided not to restore it. After the Wizard I am going to restore an older motor. I have a Johnson 210 (1937) and it just looks real cool.

Got to finish my first one though....will be working on it today.