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Can't find my Wizard...

I have a 5.0 Wizard motor, it says so on the side. The tag on the clamp has # 89-370118 on it. No other numbers visable. It has a tag by the carb that says 643-48 Tecumseh 8041. It says it has a Power Loop Engine. A twist grip throtle. Forward and Full Pivot Reverse. It says so. I have found most Every other motor, but mine. I know it exists, but cant find out any info about it. I wish I could send a picture to help my cause. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Can't find my Wizard...

Eska supplied several retailers outboard motors equipped with Tecumseh air cooled powerheads. "89" may indicate model year. You may look around net
to see if you find a Tecumseh or Eska site. Even though it has an air cooled powerhead it likely has an impeller pumping water to cool exhaust leg.
Tecumseh made motors for a variety of purposes,but, did not make the end products as they had a policy of not competing with their customers.

Two cycle Tecumseh engines are divided into split crankcase models and unit
block models. The tags identify carburetor and powerhead and should never be removed as finding correct replacement parts without id tags would not be easy. Your small engine repair shop possibly can help with parts and
may be able to pin down year made and product used on. Helps if you ask
when they are not busy and you are spending money.
Thecumseh 2cycle seem to be 16 to 1 fuel mix at least the ones in my
1970 outboard manual are.

Looking up Eska and Western Auto may give a time frame to work back from to find your motor.

Re: Can't find my Wizard...

Eska's final year seems to be 1986
Western Auto lasted until recent years and brand is still in use.
Sears owned Western Auto during the late 20th century. It may be that
your Wizard brand outboard was made by Force Division of Mercury (the old
Chrysler/West Bend line). Force supplied Gamefisher to Sears and perhaps
Sears allocated them to Western Auto as Wizards. Stranger things have
happened in retailing and the "89" on tag would be withing the time frame
in which Sears controlled Western Auto.
I say it is possible not proven.
A comparison with a similar horsepower and vintage Gamefisher would confirm
or disprove theory

Re: Can't find my Wizard...

Thank you Sir, Its some places to continue looking. Its discouraging when I cant find a picture of what my modle even looks like, because its different than what ive seen on line. I will continue my search.
Happy New Year