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Wizard Super 10

I have a Wizard Super 10 that belonged to my dad. I believe that he purchased it new in the mid to late fifties. The model number is WJ-7 and s/n 738285. I would like any information that someone can share about it. I may be interested in a restoration to pass along to my grandchildren.

Re: Wizard Super 10

Kiekhaefer (Mercury) made outboard motors for Western Auto retailer for sale as Wizards. Your WJ7 is based upon Mercury Mark 20 powerhead and Mercury KG7 lower unit although not exactly the same. The agreement between Kiekhaefer
and Western Auto ended by 1957 although your outboard might have been purchased a year or two later.
If motor had no issues when last used and was properly set up for inside dry storage motor may require only replacement of rubber water pump impeller
and having points cleaned and set. If cosmetics are reasonably good
it may be best to only give it a gentle cleaning...there is a lot to like
about a gently used original outboard that can not quite be approached by
a full restoration.
At the other extreme MUCH more may be involved.
Be aware that this is likely a do it yourself project...the hourly rate in a shop (if the shop works on older outboards) and time required to source
any needed parts may exceed price of a new outboard.
First thing to do is evaluate condition starting with compression test
and pulling motor over slowly to check for bearing noise or stiffness.
If you have prior mechanical experience and basic tools reviving an old
outboard is mostly check to see if there is a no go problem and if good to go to replace impeller and ignition tuneup...which may include new coils.
Rubber impellers go bad over time even if not used. Coils will produce
a strong blue white spark (all else in good shape)or they may not.
Coils and impeller will cost serious money and should not be purchased
until the rest of motor has been checked out. New shoes will not revive
a dead horse.
Some like myself buy cheap junk just to have something to tinker with and
salvage good parts for project motors. I know several in hobby who will
tear down a good runner in order to make it a great runner. It is all
a matter of perspective and capacity. (I know a few in hobby who can
take a sad looking motor and transform it into better than new in all
respects...takes talent and sometimes an intense search for missing
items. By the by do you have the tank and hose with connectors for your
Wizard...those can be hard to find.
Lots to like about an old outboard but you have to get to know them.
Good Luck