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60 hp wizard

In what years did Wizard produce the 3 cyl scott built outboard wizard 1056

Re: 60 hp wizard

Scott/MacC supplied Western Auto with outboards between 1957 and 1964. My reference source shows Wizard 25 horse as largest offering during that
time frame. Likely what you have is a later Chrysler made Wizard.

Re: 60 hp wizard reference source is for outboards 30 horsepower or less...
S0...your Scott likely was offered sometime in 1957/58 to 1964 time frame.
Scott switched to providing Sears outboards in 1964/5. It is likely a similar motor was offered thru Sears from then on (often your only source of parts for store brand outboards are other motors made by same supplier)
Sorry about misleading first response...failed to look at cover

Re: 60 hp wizard

thanks Louis