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Wizard Super 5 - how to remove lower unit?

Hi Folks,
I am the owner of a Wizard Super 5 outboard in nice but not running (yet) shape.

But a friend of mine needs and wants this outboard more that I need it and well, he is a bit down on his luck at the moment. So I would like to send the engine to him.

I've checked all the shipping options (including the much talked about Greyhound service). Turns out USPS with no oversize charges is the least expensive way to go.

SO to avoid those oversize charges, I need to seperate the engine into two smaller pieces. Basically, I want to remove the lower unit from the rest of the engine. I dont have to remove the entire lower unit. Removing the part of the lower unit just below the engine mounts will work just fine.

Anyway, I have the engine on a stand and I started removing bolts at the lower end of the lower unit.

All the bolts are now out and the pieces move easily relative to each other, but I can’t actually separate them.

And yeah, I’m definitely flying blind on this one as I don’t have a manual to refer to.

The new owner is going to end up tearing it all apart anyway as a winter project and to make sure all is in fine shape.

So…can someone tell me how to remove the lower unit?

Oh yeah my other question. Where can I get a manual? Either a paper manual or a download is fine.

Well thank you folks


Best Regards

Re: Wizard Super 5 - how to remove lower unit?

I think that's the same as a Mercury Mark 5? That manual is online I believe but can't find it at this moment. Will look some more.

Re: Wizard Super 5 - how to remove lower unit?

Does this look right?

Re: Wizard Super 5 - how to remove lower unit?

Kirk, great resource.

Yes that looks like a match to the engine I have.

I heard that these engines were made by Mercury and now that document seems to confirm that for me. I will know for sure this weekend when I take a closer look at it having that doc in hand.

Thank you very much


Re: Wizard Super 5 - how to remove lower unit?

Glad I could help. Very generous of you to give up this motor to help out your friend.