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Wizard Super 5

I have a Wizard Super 5. I am looking for a set of coils and points for it. thanks Larry

Re: Wizard Super 5

And a flywheel!!

Re: Wizard Super 5

You probably have a Repco Phelon magneto although perhaps a Bendix Scintilla
Look on bottom of magneto plate for brand and model information. Then post
information here. Be advised coils(if needed) are significant cost as is impeller(usually needed.)
BEFORE spending any money take a good look at rest of motor to see what else
may be missing, damaged or worn...COMPRESSION is be all and end all...
This Wizard based upon Mercury Mark 5, KF5, Mark 6 series...good when running
but there are outboards that are easier to work on.
Old outboards...all they need is love and a thick wallet!